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All about us

We all have a story and Avon by Honest Beauty is no exception. 

2012 - 2020

Avon by Honest Beauty started its life many years ago in the pretty typical way. After years of growing a presence on social media and building a customer base in the local area it was time to grow our business to help those awesome customers wherever they happen to be. Our aim is to give our customers easy access to great, affordable, products from the AVON range: Boutique Beauty.

Shopping made easy.

The AVON Products

AVON offer a huge range of products that cover; makeup, skin care, toiletries, perfume, fashion, home & gifts and lots more. The AVON range of products is always changing and it can sometimes be frustrating finding that perfect product. We have taken this range and distilled it into a series of mystery boxes as well as holding all those essentials in one handy place.

it's really a nobrainer

AVON for Men

Men are naturally a big part of Avon by Honest Beauty and what we do here so over the coming months you will see dedicated areas specifically for men to shop. We appreciate that guy’s don’t want to wade through lipstick and hair bands to find a great post shave balm so we’re working hard to create an awesome online experience. We take the pain out of shopping!

Beauty non subscription box
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2020 - Our Approach

Mystery Loot Boxes for all!

Our Lifestyle Boxes take, simple, quick and inexpensive shopping to a new level. Gift Shopping with Avon & Honest Beauty just got so much simpler. Presenting our individually curated beautiful Lifestyle Boxes filled to overflowing with Avon Brands!

The idea

One simple product to cater for a specific activity. Taking a relaxing bath or going out to dinner.

The process

Selecting the best products from the AVON range to cover the activity. Affordable and awesome!

The product

One price, one box, one reason. The perfect box of goodies to accompany any activity.

Freaking awesome
joining offers

We have some pretty fabulous joining offers. If you're looking to kick start your remote working new business check out our become a rep page, click the button below!
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